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Symons cone crusher upgrades

Advanced bowl adjustment control

Can lead to productivity gains of up to 20%, thanks to a remote setting feature that reduces the need for manual setting and makes for easier adjustment. Also reduces maintenance time and improves safety during bowl removal and installation.
Available for Symons 7’ (HD, XHD and SHD).

Hydraulic motor bowl adjustment system

Provides for faster and safer bowl adjustment, which translates into easier calibration and a crushing circuit that runs more efficiently – for a higher quality end product.
Available for Symons 5 ½’ (HD) and 7’ (HD, XHD and SHD).

Hydraulic tramp release and clearing system

Reduces downtime and operating costs by replacing the original mechanical springs with Metso’s hydraulic tramp release and cavity clearing system. Also provides a safer way to handle a crusher that has stalled due to overload, power loss or tramp iron.
Available for Symons 5 ½’ (HD) and 7’ (HD, XHD and SHD).

Nordberg cone crusher upgrades

Jack screw locking nut

Designed specifically with maintenance and safety in mind, the jack screw lock nut simplifies the task of replacing the mantle of your crusher. Now a minimal amount of torque applies the proper preload.
Available for Nordberg™ MP800, MP1000 and MP1250.

Top mount clamp cylinder

Specifically designed for heavy duty applications, the new top mounted clamping cylinder lasts up to three times longer than its predecessor. It is also easier to replace.
Available for Nordberg™ HP 800, MP800, MP1000 and MP1250.

Heavy duty head

Designed specifically for the most demanding kind of crusher operations. Aimed at improved crusher availability while extending the longevity of your equipment.
Available for Nordberg™ MP1000 and MP1250.

MP1250 retrofit kit

Aimed at increasing the production rate capability of the Nordberg™ MP1000 crusher by as much as 30%.
Available for Nordberg™ MP1000.

Head maintenance stand

Improves servicing of the cone crusher head. This means less downtime, greater cost efficiency and increased safety for those performing the task. Used for Nordberg™ MP800, MP1000 or MP1250.

Superior gyratory crusher upgrades

Super spider

Features an additional upper shell and improved arched spider arm design with a steeper mantle angle. Together these allow an increase in the passing of extra coarse material and reduce bridging across the arms – for productivity gains of up to 15%.
Available for Superior™ 42-65, 54-75 and 60-89.

Arched spider

Changes in the geometry of the spider feed opening allow better flow of material into the crushing chamber. This can boost productivity by as much as 10%.
Available for Superior™ 42-65, 54-75 and 60-89.

Shimmed spider bushing

Made of manganese bronze, Metso’s newly developed tapered spider bushing compensates for normal bushing bore wear and is more durable in extreme crushing environments.
Available for Superior™ 42-65, 50-65, 54-75, 62-75 and 60-89.

Hydraulic shell separators

A hydraulic pump and a set of hydraulic cylinders are used to supply the force needed to split the shell from the spider. As a result, this procedure can be performed faster and in a safer way.
Available for Superior™ 42-65, 50-65, 54-75, 62-75, 60-89, 70-89 and 60-110.

Dual balance cylinder

An additional balance cylinder doubles the amount of hydraulic fluid available to keep the main shaft positioning piston, step components and main shaft together. This means less frequent maintenance on the step components, increased safety and greater cost efficiency.
Available for Superior™ 54-75 and 62-75.

Crusher upgrades improve productivity

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Availability increased by 23% at Codelco, Chile

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The Metso Way

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Crusher upgrades improve productivity

The latest generation of Metso crusher upgrades breathe new life into your existing crushers – making your operations more productive, cost efficient and safer overall.

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